• Serious technical firepower for

    your small business

    We work with non-technical entrepreneurs, providing the

    deep IT knowledge and experience

    needed to make your dream a reality.


    We make it “just work.”

    Servers? Security updates? Database backups? Systems architecture?


    What happened to the freedom you had in mind when you started your business? When did it get buried underneath a huge pile of impenetrable IT jargon, leaving you needing to run just to stand still?


    We build and maintain super-reliable back-end services that scale with you as your business grows, freeing you to focus on building and running your business without worrying about whether you’re building on top of a Jenga tower.



    Over the past decade and a half, we’ve been involved in some pretty interesting and challenging projects, from building thousand-node self-healing content distribution systems used by hundreds of thousands of school children in the UK to being responsible for IT provision in the remote and rigorous environment of Antarctic research stations (don’t talk to Mike about living on the wrong end of a 0.25MBit satellite connection.)


    We specialise particularly in Elixir and AWS for super-scalable and reliable systems, but also have experience in a wide range of other technologies; from Perl and Python to Lisp, Clojure, and Go.


    Chris Pates

    frogeducation.com / AWS UK

    “I’ve worked with Mike on various occasions over the years. He is very definitely in my shortlist of people to call when you have something complex or novel to accomplish, especially if the timescales are challenging.

    With a very aggressive time-scale and a hard deadline, Mike parachuted in a team of developers to take two mobile apps from vision to demonstrable proof-of-concept in less than six weeks. He co-ordinated with our internal developers and designers throughout and was in the wings to provide support when the results were presented to a global audience at our conference.”

    Fabian Seydewitz


    “Mike is a developer who bridges the gap between the technical and business worlds with ease. Equally at home discussing the sales funnel for a new service and implementing the code to build it, he understands the importance of details to the user experience and always looks beyond technical requirements to the underlying motivation. And then, Mike is a nice guy!”

    Luke Saunders


    “Mike can achieve a very deep level of understanding of a set of tools quite quickly and can then use that to produce solid work that not many others could deliver. For example integrating some JS templates (handlebars) into an existing translation and make-based build system.


    “He is also a good full-stack developer, happily working on a system split equally between Perl, CoffeeScript, LESS, Ruby and systems level tools. Another great quality is that he able to coordinate well with anyone.


    “He could fit into your existing team as a lead dev, a consultant helping out an existing team or leading his own team of Lambda people to deliver a certain project. He understands the business case and his goal is to deliver work on time in order to satisfy that.”

    Adrian Gill


    “Mike is incredibly knowledgeable, but more important than that—he is also personable, and can relay his knowledge, concepts and ideas to others with absolute clarity. I've found his expertise to span many different areas across both hardware and software, which allows him to focus on finding business solutions, rather than needing to focus on any one specific type of technology.”

    Steve Bowman

    “Mike is a really friendly and professional guy who knows both hardware and software inside out.His wide range of experience makes him a great person to discuss ideas and problems with, and he is always comitted to doing things the right way and delivering high quality results. He is also a great teacher and mentor, as I have found from attending his regular hardware evenings and peer mentoring group at the C4DI.”