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What people say

I’ve worked with Mike on various occasions over the years. He is very definitely in my shortlist of people to call when you have something complex or novel to accomplish, especially if the timescales are challenging.

— Chris Pates, Senior Technical Account Manager, Amazon Web Services

When you are working on a technical project, you are often at the mercy of people who know a lot more than you do.

What makes a project work well is when these people can listen, communicate and genuinely care about the outcome.

This is exactly what Mike brings. Not only is he one of the most knowledgable people I know, he is approachable and it’s a pleasure to work with him.

If you need someone to have your back, deliver what you need and make something work... he’s your man.

— Jon Moss, co-founder, Centre for Digital Innovation, Hull

Featured work

Ideal Boilers IoT testing

When Ideal Boilers introduced their first IoT-connected heating control system, they knew that the ability to run end-to-end tests on the whole system would be crucial.

Ideal turned to us for a solution that would provide the basis for a fully-automated integrated test suite.


University of Hull data migration

When the University of Hull needed to migrate its academic output archive from an in-house solution to a third-party software-as-a-service platform, they came to us to develop bespoke migration software and a workflow to ensure each record was migrated, validated, and accounted for.


Handscanner Feasibility Study

The client had an investment in existing biometric timeclocks for construction sites, but was not satisfied with the software solution that had been provided with the hardware. Their IT team had experimented with communicating directly with the hardware, but without success.