Past work

Ideal Boilers IoT testing

When Ideal Boilers introduced their first IoT-connected heating control system, the Touch Connect, they knew that the ability to run end-to-end tests on the whole system would be crucial to the validation process and to building confidence in the reliability and robustness of their new product.

However, there was no built-in way to automatically retrieve current configuration data from a thermostat.

Ideal turned to me for a solution that would provide the basis for a fully-automated integrated test suite.

I designed and built a custom test harness for the Touch Connect room thermostat that allows a controlling computer to activate the thermostat screen and read off values like the current target temperature.

University of Hull data migration

Academic output is the lifeblood of every university. The research papers, reports, books and articles published by its staff are its product. As such, they need to be managed, archived, and preserved with care.

When the University of Hull needed to migrate its academic output archive from an in-house solution to a third-party software-as-a-service platform, they turned to me to ensure the process would run smoothly and reliably.

I developed bespoke migration software to connect the different systems involved, and a workflow to ensure every record was migrated, validated, and accounted for; with an audit trail that could be reviewed as part of post-migration Q.A.

The reason that the whole process ran smoothly was because Mike had a real understanding of what we were trying to achieve.

— Alison Hudson, Business System Analyst, University of Hull